For over a decade, PLNU faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of the CJR have been listening to the complexities of human trafficking, immigration, and justly traded goods and learning about what we can do to work toward justice and reconciliation.

Despite the overwhelming scale and scope of the challenges, our faith leads us to proactively engage with truth, wisdom, and hope.

Researcheducation, and advocacy sit at the heart of the CJR's strategy to nurture the hope we are called to be in the world.


Rooted In Love are a grassroots community, passionate about showing girls and women all over the world how loved and valued they are.

By partnering with different charities both at home in Northern Ireland and overseas in South Africa & india, they help to provide sanitary products as well as other necessities to at risk women and girls. they also help provide education, and support them with income generation.



A community of second chances for women and children escaping domestic abuse; providing refuge and life skills, finding permanent housing, and empowering the restoration and rebuilding of their lives.


Think of all the women you saw today. Now divide that number by four. Why? Because 1 in 4 women in the UK are affected by domestic abuse. 1 in 4 stay quiet, afraid of losing it all, never certain of where to turn or who to trust. Domestic abuse isn’t a problem of the past and it isn’t a problem that’s going away. In fact, the number of reported cases in Scotland is higher than ever, and 61% of victims have a previous history of domestic abuse. Those who reach out for sanity & safety are often wait listed as there just aren’t enough refuge placements available. It’s a fractured yet inescapable cycle for many women. We’re choosing to stand with the 1 in 4 though. Jubilee House is a community of second chances, a refuge for women picking up the pieces after the abuse. It’s where cycles of violence and fear end; where women find hope for tomorrow & newness of life; where ugly stories reach their final act & a new reality begins to dawn.



Fleeing your home and arriving in a new country can be traumatic. The British Red Cross offer support for vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.


There are currently 19.5 million refugees in the world – this means the number of people fleeing conflict and persecution is at its highest since the Second World War. Millions of people are undertaking extremely dangerous journeys to try and reach a place of safety.

Imagine upon reaching this place of safety you find you cannot afford to feed yourself and have nowhere to live.  This is the situation facing a growing number of refugees in Glasgow.  1 in 4 people the Red Cross are supporting in Glasgow have been destitute while living here. Through no fault of their own, these people have no legal means of accessing support.

Through our campaign, all money raised for the British Red Cross will buy essentials like clothing vouchers, hygiene packs, and sleeping bags.

Together we can help these people in their journey to become active and integrated members of our community.


Ella’s believes that people exploited by the injustice of human trafficking & sexual exploitation deserve every opportunity to recover & restore their lives.

Ella’s Home opened its doors in January 2016 to enable the recovery of women who have experienced sexual exploitation and trafficking by providing a safe and restorative home. Ella’s Home also works alongside other women who have experienced trafficking and/ or sexual exploitation but who now live independently across London, providing advocacy and support as required.

  • Women are given the tools needed to walk away from cycles of exploitation and abuse. Each woman works with a support worker to access essential services through partnership with multiple organisations.

  • These services include: medical care, counselling, legal assistance, education, skills training, employment, and assistance to reside in the UK or safe repatriation to country of origin.

  • In partnership with Luminary Bakery, they are able to offer training and employment to women.

  • Women will be empowered to move beyond the safe house and become independent, having gained the stability to meaningfully engage in their community here in the UK or in their home country.

  • Ella’s Home is a project of Kahaila Charity and part of the Kahaila Women’s Projects network.


Just Water is an initiative of the Justice Movement, which is a collective voice for justice and compassion in the world. We believe we can make a difference in our world.


Just Water is the first global campaign, focused on providing safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in communities with great need in South Asia and around the world. Water is something that’s easy to take for granted when we can walk a few steps to a nearby faucet to get all the clean water we need, but it’s something that 783 million people in the world can’t take for granted because they don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. In fact, every 21 seconds a child dies because of water-related causes. We believe it doesn’t have to be that way. Through Just Water, we’re working to meet the most basic needs (water, sanitation, and hygiene) in some of the most vulnerable communities in South Asia (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India).