Our Launch

As we spent time dreaming about Just Threads and all that it would become, one thing that we always hoped to create was community.  That somehow, through the making & selling of some t-shirts and bags, we would bring together a group of people who are all unique but united. Individuals who are ready to bring that tiny spark that is inside of them, and to join it with others in order to become a forceful fire that brings light and forces change.

After all of the t-shirts were printed, and the labels were sewn on to every hoodie, and the photos edited and flyers printed, it finally became time to share our little dream with other people.  We created a simple card asking the question ‘What wrong would you right?’ and passed it out to our closest friends & family, inviting them to join us for a night spent looking at that question, (and our way of acting on it).  In the final days beforehand, we found ourselves hand wrapping each product with brown paper & string, and hand stamping every parcel with our ‘Just Threads’ logo.  We were finally holding our months of dreaming & doing in our hands, and we were about to share it with the world around us.


And then it was October 25th.  We held our launch event at a coffee shop, and set up a small station at the door for people to share the wrong they would most like to ‘make right’.  We hung up strings for them to hang up their words, in amongst some photos of our products & our journey.  One by one our loved ones walked through the doors and interacted with it, then joined each other around the tables over the coffee prepared by our friends, and the cakes baked by another.  Once everyone had arrived, we took some time to thank everyone who had came and to share about  ‘Just Threads’ – our story, our products,  and what we hoped would come next.

We sat in front of a room filled with family & friends, and we saw those who had baked or brewed, some who had helped us set up & were there to help for the hours of wrapping hoodies.  There were others who had modeled our products, some who even helped us tomake our designs become a reality, and many who had listened to us talk for so long about our big dreams for a clothing company that would transform the world. And those individuals were the people crazy enough to tell us our dreams could come true.  So when we spoke that night & shared that dream of creating a community through Just Threads – it became clear that it has already started. They all believed in the power of being in it together, & had given their time and their money to help the lives of those that Jubilee House (our first partner charity) will work with.  Some of them have even come up with their own ways for Just Threads to bring them together – like wrapping the string from their packaging around their wrists to remember the movement they have joined.

If you scroll through our tag on ‘Instagram’, you’ll see the pictures of those who, after our first event, have already joined us in #RightingWrongs.  We truly believe that there will be more events and more purchases, and that this will grow. We believe that change will happen. I write these words, not out of confidence in our small team and what we can do, but out of confidence in community and in you.

Amy Waner