Why Jubilee House?

What happens when your most trusted protector puts you in danger Where do you go when the one you can’t live without cripples you with fear? Who do you turn to when the person you hold most dear beats you with furious hands and spits cruel poison at you? When it seems you can do no right so it must be your fault. He can’t help it. You messed up. You’re nothing without him. His words ring round in your ears, until you’re no longer sure if maybe you thought them first. You pushed him to it, after all. You just want him to love you.

It’s difficult to write about domestic abuse when you have not experienced it. Forgive me if I appear ignorant or bumbling. However, I fear that the only thing worse than being incapable of truly representing issues you know little of, is not saying anything at all. I am only 22 years old and in my relatively short lifetime I have encountered far too many women and children who have experienced violence unfathomable. The worst of the abuse was by those closest to them. This is for them.

Sometimes statistics are easy to ignore and make things appear less human but other times they are necessary. Did you know that 1 in 4 women experience domestic abuse in their life time? That 1 in 5 teenage girls will be hit by their boyfriends or girlfriends. It’s difficult to process that I am considered ‘lucky’ to have not experienced abuse. In fact, it has become so common that it’s hard to be shocked by it. It is a grim reality indeed when society becomes so passive to abuse that these statistics don’t devastate us to our very core.

Just Threads has committed to supporting a new charity every three months. We are so proud to introduce our first partnership with a new charity called Jubilee House. Like us, they are a new start. They are fresh, exciting and still teething but they are wildly passionate and committed to changing lives for the better. They seek to restore those who have been broken by domestic violence. To provide a safe shelter for those who feel they have nobody to turn to. To give and receive community, unconditionally.


So why this new charity? Why this house?


We are so aware that there are many charities in Scotland working towards helping those affected by domestic abuse. We know of the great work that goes on all around the country and hugely respect all of it. However, we couldn’t help but be incredibly excited about the concept of Jubilee House, which is just a little bit different.

Jubilee House – like us - firmly believes in community. They believe that for women and children escaping domestic abuse, there is real recovery in community and that is what they hope to offer them. This is so much more than giving them a new place to stay. It’s about giving them a new space to live.

Jubilee House was dreamt of long before it came in to being. The story is dramatic and uplifting but I’ll leave it to them to tell you more (they have a website!). Right now, they have one large house in Renfrewshire, with the potential for others in the area. The main house is nearly ready to become home to new families, it just needs some interior work done.

Our shirts and hoodies with the design ‘Let Justice Roar!” have been specially designed in partnership between the Just Threads team and a local artist for Jubilee House. For each one sold, £5 will go directly to them to enable the amazing work they are ready to do. We feel so privileged to be able to support this exciting new vision and we pray that our partnership with them leads them a little bit closer to their goals.

Amy Waner