It is just water.

Marvelled upon yet fundamental.

A blue abyss of mystery.

A ferocious, untamable demagogue that consumes.

It is the calming trickle of a burn among the moor .

A hidden waterfall among the peaks.

A secret lifesource in a scorching desert.

The last conquest. Untamed. Free.

A final frontier.

Sacred. Revered.


It is just water.

Tainted. Polluted. Poisoned.

Glaciers melt. Sleepy villages flood

As river banks burst.

At the same time children drink from the mud

Swimming with disease.

Mothers look to the sky for a sign of salvation.

A rescue plan.

A redemption for the thirsty

Ground beneath them.


It is just water.

As the safe rich use sprinklers to

Make their grass the greenest.

Injustice seeps through the soil.

One child dies of dehydration

And another is tossed ashore from the sea.

Clean water is taken from the have-nots

To make beef and clothes for the have-too-much.


It is just water.

And companies poison lakes

To harvest industrial cotton.

And cancer for them

Means cheap clothes for us.

A broken mother cradles a babe

Born without ears or a brain.

Poisoned by the well

While we delight in our new outfit.


It is just water.

So pipelines are proposed to

Tear through sacred ground

The money is a promise

Though the cost is high

Resistance begins to rise

Like a swelling in the tide.


Just Water.

As it is around us,

It is also in us.

Intrinsically connecting.

A life force and

A death blow

Like streams that come

Together to create

A great lake.

So to do we become


When we gather.

Amy Waner