Four years ago, our just threads dream began. 

Two girls in Scotland that started out with a simple idea of creating some t-shirts to support a local charity. Through the support of our friends and some late night conversations, it turned into a dream of changing the way we consume and spend. Now lets be clear: we have always been inexperienced when it comes to the worlds of business and ethical fashion. However, heart and hard work can take you a long way, and we have spent these last years learning and growing, and taking every opportunity that we found along the way. 

What an adventure it has been! We have connected with new customers all over the world, and been able to sell in multiple countries at some amazing events. We have been able to raise money for important causes and make a difference. We have found community. 

It has required sacrifice - we’ve completely changed our own personal habits, giving up fast fashion and moving to a more minimalist, sustainable lifestyle. “Buy less with more meaning” has become our personal motto. There have been hard conversations, and together we had to face some serious realities about injustice and ignorance in the world - including our own mistakes. Learning as you go means a lot of falling and getting back up again. 

And even after four years of struggling to make ends meet and navigate personal transitions and find time to get it all done - we are convicted and compassionate and committed. We are ready for what’s next. We are thankful for all of it… all of you. And we are still sitting up late, dreaming of changing the way we all consume and spend. Please keep dreaming with us. 

Amy Waner