Jubilee House

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A community of second chances for women and children escaping domestic abuse; providing refuge and life skills, finding permanent housing, and empowering the restoration and rebuilding of their lives.

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Think of all the women you saw today. Now divide that number by four. Why? Because 1 in 4 women in the UK are affected by domestic abuse. 1 in 4 stay quiet, afraid of losing it all, never certain of where to turn or who to trust. Domestic abuse isn’t a problem of the past and it isn’t a problem that’s going away. In fact, the number of reported cases in Scotland is higher than ever, and 61% of victims have a previous history of domestic abuse. Those who reach out for sanity & safety are often wait listed as there just aren’t enough refuge placements available. It’s a fractured yet inescapable cycle for many women. We’re choosing to stand with the 1 in 4 though. Jubilee House is a community of second chances, a refuge for women picking up the pieces after the abuse. It’s where cycles of violence and fear end; where women find hope for tomorrow & newness of life; where ugly stories reach their final act & a new reality begins to dawn.

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